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2006 C-F
2006 G-J
2006 K-O
2006 P-S
2006 T-Z
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2013 Faces 1
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2013 Faces 4_Gallerists
260 Moore Street
Bushwick 1 around Bogart and Moore St.
3d. Ward_Life Cafe_Ad-Hoc_Olive Valley_Wreck Room
Women of Bushwick 2005-2011
Men of Bushwick 2005- 2011
The benches of Bogart St.
From Above
Livestream Public First Day_2014
Dwarven Forge during Kickstarter 2015
Studio visits 2015
The Shack_ 2005-2015
BAP_Bushwick Art Project_2005
Miriah's B-Day Party_04/02/09
You will see some celebrities in Bushwick
BOS_Bushwick Open Studios June 09
Hillary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Bogart St.
BETA 2009
"Sex Cells"_art show opening at 3d Ward_June 19th
Roberta's and DKMC Halloween 2009
The Loom 1 Feb 6th. 2010. Grand opening
The Loom 2 Feb 6th. 2010. Grand opening
Site party_Beauty Bar_March 5th. 2010
BOS_Bushwick Open Studios June 2010
"Home_Land" art show at Beta projects_11.14.2010
The Loft Hostel_BBQ_Bar_Music 2015_2016
Bushwick Forever_Images for upcoming book
Life On Mars gallery_Todd Bienvenu_Oct. 2015
Slag_Temporary Storage_Victori+Mo galleries Jan-Feb 2016
BOS_Bushwick Open Studios_2012 A
BOS_Bushwick Open Studios_2012 B
BOS_Bushwick Open Studios_2012 C
BOS_Bushwick Open Studios_2012 D
BOS_Bushwick Open Studios_2012 E
BOS_Bushwick Open Studios_2012 F
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2013 A
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2013 B
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2014 A
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2014 B
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2014 C
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2014 D
BOS_Street scene 2014 E
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2015 A
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2015 B
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2015 C
BOS_Fuchs Projects_2015 D
BOS_Street scene_2015 E
BOS_Bushwick Open Studios_2015 F